The 100: Rebellion

The 100: Rebellion By Kass Morgan Another series down! I had a lot more issues with The 100: Rebellion than I had with the third book, The 100: Homecoming. Some of the complaints are the same, but there are a few shiny, new ones. First up though, I liked the cult. The cult was cool.

The 100: Homecoming

The 100: Homecoming By Kass Morgan Alrighty, I just finished this one, and I’m not as impressed with it as I was The 100 or The 100: Day 21. My biggest issue was the feeling that there was no real character growth. The 100: Homecoming takes place over a greater amount of time than the

The 100: Day 21

The 100: Day 21 By Kass Morgan Wow, okay! The TV series took an absolutely huge leap from the books! That’s all I’ll say on that. If you thought The 100 was a fast read, get ready for this one! These books have a case of the zoomies. Once again, I got through this one

The 100

The 100 By Kass Morgan I had a lot more fun with this book than I thought I would! I did watch the full TV series (a few years ago now) before ever touching the books. But really, the TV series took a different direction than the books: another one of those “inspired by” rather

The Shade of the Moon

The Shade of the Moon The Last Survivors By Susan Beth Pfeffer {Warnings for The Shade of the Moon: bigotry and sexual violence} Alright, I’ll come out and say it: I didn’t enjoy this book. You won’t find a glowing review here. You won’t even find a dim-ray-of-hope review here. The Shade of the Moon

This World We Live In

This World We Live In The Last Survivors By Susan Beth Pfeffer I got my wish! This World We Live In continues a few months after the end of Life as We Knew It. We’re back with the original narrator, Miranda, and her family. Which is all well and good until a new group of

The Dead and the Gone

The Dead and the Gone The Last Survivors By Susan Beth Pfeffer So far, The Dead and the Gone is my favorite of the Life as We Knew It series. It was marketed as a companion book, but I feel it surpasses the original story Pfeffer wrote. Remember when I compared Life as We Knew

Life as We Knew It

Life as We Knew It The Last Survivors By Susan Beth Pfeffer I woke up last week remembering a book I’d enjoyed when I was in middle school. Half asleep and still in pajamas, I looked it up after spending a while remembering the title. Then I realized that book had actually been part of


Sapphique By Catherine Fisher Okay, so it turns out, I did read Sapphique after Incarceron as a teenager. I didn’t forget about it! I actually mixed the two books into one in my head! Personally, I call that a good thing. Fisher’s two books smooth into one another without any hiccups, and the story moves


Incarceron By Catherine Fisher I have so much hype for Incarceron! If I recall correctly, this was the first book I read by Fisher back when it was new in 2007 or so. I really enjoyed it then, and I have the same feeling now. Incarceron is fast-paced, mysterious, and kind of creepy. Of course,