‘Salem’s Lot

‘Salem’s Lot By Stephen King ’Salem’s Lot is a book you could take and plop into any time period you wished, and it would still work. It’s your typical genre piece that I feel every writer gets around to at some point. That’s not saying it’s bad. Not at all. I quite enjoyed my read

The Frog King

The Frog King By Adam Davies Full Disclaimer! This author was my professor in college and there are no frogs. I’ve read this one before! However, it fits my parameters—to read/reread every book currently on my bookshelf! (So far, 4 down and 174 to go! I was given a few more books just days ago. Yay!)


Acceptance By Jeff VanderMeer We did it! The Southern Reach Trilogy is finished! Before I get into the third book, Acceptance, I’d like to talk a little about the series as a whole. I’m still fully of the opinion that the second book, Authority, could’ve existed as 150 pages lighter with no real drawback in


Authority By Jeff VanderMeer Alright, well, the Southern Reach Trilogy had a good start; I’ll give it a big thumbs-up there. Before I get into the second book, I’ll remind you I haven’t yet read the third and final book of the series. However, Authority, while well-written when looking solely at craft and structure, borders

The Shining

The Shining By Stephen King Oh boy, oh boy, was this book nothing like I expected. I’ll start by saying I’d never seen the movie and that I knew . . . well, essentially nothing about the book. Actually, the only thing I knew about The Shining was the few seconds of it shown at