Mine All Mine

Mine All Mine By Adam Davies I liked Mine All Mine way more than Davies’ The Frog King. You’ll still need your dictionary! But your narrator will be much more likable this time. Otto, the main character and narrator, feels human. He has issues: some he ignores, some he grumbles at, and some he faces,


Eternity By Jude Deveraux {Warnings for Eternity: sexual content} I’m not an avid romance reader. Honestly, I tend to avoid the genre because of the high rates of sexism, thinly veiled misogyny, and abuse in romance novels. Six of the 200+ books in my home are categorized as romance. All of them came from 50

Just Ella

Just Ella By Margaret Peterson Haddix Part of me wishes I hadn’t read this again. For me, some of the magic really is gone from the pages of Just Ella. The first time I read this book, I was around nine years old and still in love with fairy tales and believing in the happy

The Frog King

The Frog King By Adam Davies Full Disclaimer! This author was my professor in college and there are no frogs. I’ve read this one before! However, it fits my parameters—to read/reread every book currently on my bookshelf! (So far, 4 down and 174 to go! I was given a few more books just days ago. Yay!)