A Great and Terrible Beauty

A Great and Terrible Beauty The Gemma Doyle Trilogy By Libba Bray I’ve had this book on my shelf for over a decade, and I am so sad I didn’t pick it up until now. A Great and Terrible Beauty is many of my favorite things in one pretty package: historical fiction, fantasy, and young


Eternity By Jude Deveraux {Warnings for Eternity: sexual content} I’m not an avid romance reader. Honestly, I tend to avoid the genre because of the high rates of sexism, thinly veiled misogyny, and abuse in romance novels. Six of the 200+ books in my home are categorized as romance. All of them came from 50


Panic By Lauren Oliver I bought this book at random from a thrift store trip years ago. I put it on the shelf and forgot it existed. Panic is a decent novel. It lands smack in the middle of dramatic thriller YA, and I admit that if I’d read the book when I first got

Shadow Spinner

Shadow Spinner By Susan Fletcher I don’t recall when I first read this book, but it was probably in 2002 or 2003. I loved it as a kid, and I love it still! I’ve always been intrigued with the story of Shahrazad and 1001 Nights and every other iteration of this tale. This particular version

The Frog King

The Frog King By Adam Davies Full Disclaimer! This author was my professor in college and there are no frogs. I’ve read this one before! However, it fits my parameters—to read/reread every book currently on my bookshelf! (So far, 4 down and 174 to go! I was given a few more books just days ago. Yay!)