The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist By Jessie Burton This book isn’t my usual vein of historical fiction. I’m partial to Tudor era drama whenever I delve into the genre. However, I did like The Miniaturist overall. Its pace is slow, but the writing is solid and enjoyable. Nothing felt overly described or melodramatic. Sometimes the narrator, Nella, felt

Dear America

Dear America series from American Girl I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly By Joyce Hansen From 1865, Patsy writes her story as a freed slave post-American Civil War. I enjoyed this title a lot. The POV feels more like an adult than the narrator actually is (she’s supposed to be around 12 or


Eternity By Jude Deveraux {Warnings for Eternity: sexual content} I’m not an avid romance reader. Honestly, I tend to avoid the genre because of the high rates of sexism, thinly veiled misogyny, and abuse in romance novels. Six of the 200+ books in my home are categorized as romance. All of them came from 50